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I Curse Thee With a Hext Upon Thy Head!

BULLogging – (verb) To type in an intimidating public manner. HEXting – (verb) To place a curse via telephone communication. [From the personal dictionary of T.]   I spend a large portion of each day placing fingers to electronic keyboards to spill my opinions out on various screens but never to cause anyone harm or discomfort.  I mean, if I do it’s maybe because of the occasional grammatical error or typo – but certainly not because of offensive or malicious […]


Wrimples and Wrackne

Wrinkles and acne.  The television and internet are chockablock with advertisements for lotions and potions that serve both at the same time.  I hate to admit it, but I am one of those women with the occasional breakout now and again and at this point, it seems rather silly.  What cruel designer of the universe deemed that I should still experience acne while peeking over the bedsheets at nearly 50 years old?  Honestly, it seems rather unfair that wrinkles should […]


Dental Hygienist Digs for Unknown Ore

"What exactly ARE you digging for?"  The question banged over and over in my head as the young woman in front of me applied unnatural pressure to my bottom jaw with one hand, all the while dig-dig-digging at my molars with the world’s tiniest metal pickax in her other hand.  My silver fillings had been replaced long ago with some white composite material (which gives the impression of my teeth being way healthier than they probably are), so exactly what rock or ore […]


A birthday waffle iron? Risky gift.

June 17th is on the horizon and that means another birthday for me which gets me to thinking about the best birthday gift I’ve ever received.  It was a waffle iron.  However, it didn’t exactly start out that way.  In fact, it led to nearly a decade of marital sniping.  But I have discovered that a waffle iron, like a fine wine, gets better with age.     I confess, I’m an annoying “landmark” birthday person.  You know, highlighting birthdays […]


What do you mean, “There’s no RECESS in junior high?”

My 12 year old autistic son and I went to the meeting for junior high matriculation and while I asked all the questions of the administrative staff, he sat there as still and as quiet as I have ever seen him.  At meeting's end, the kind teacher with the soft eyes looked at him and said, "Well, young man — do you have any questions for us?"  Without batting an eye he blurted out, "Yeah.  What time is recess?"  We […]


Summer is in the air —

Summer is in the air

Which means that soon, kids will be in my hair!  Whoohoo!!  Not that I’m really complaining.   I actually truly enjoy the first bouncy, trouncy days when those school doors fling open and the kids are finally out for summer — because the kids are excited about sleeping in (so am I, truth be told) and riding scooters and bikes waaaay past the normal bedtime hours.  Then, somewhere around the sixth or seventh business day of no true structure, everyone starts to fray […]