Monthly Archives: March 2010

Junior High Lessons x 2

Junior high.  A time in life where a young person learns a lot of things.  Vitally important things, as a rule.  My son, who is enrolled in the autism special education unit at his junior high school has learned two very important lessons so far this year.  Well, we both have actually.   Lesson #1   Pacing for a full week around the first week of February, my son kept muttering about bullies, day-after-day with no definitive details to speak […]


Happy Dr. Seuss Day!

March 2nd is the birthday of Theodor Geisel (better know as Dr. Seuss) and it is also National Read Across America Day created by the National Education Association. As far as holidays go, it’s mighty high up on the totem pole of excitement for me.  The NEA sponsors school and community events across the nation to inspire children to read and there is nothing like a healthy dose of Dr. Seuss to get kids (and adults) excited about reading.   […]


Peter Pan, I hear ya.

Looking around at my life these days, I have to say they aren’t a ton of perks to be seen about the whole being a grown-up business.  The other day, I heard someone ask, “Remember when you couldn’t wait to grow up?  Well, how’s that working out for ya?” Yeah.  It’s not all I thought it would be either.  That’s for sure.   But today, I realized a couple of things about being an adult that aren’t too shabby.  One […]