Monthly Archives: May 2011

“Do not breathe, simply to exist.”

Those were among the last words of one of the greatest American poets of all time.  He began writing poetry at the age of three and in the time he was given here on earth, he managed to create enough material for seven books, all New York Times bestsellers.   In his life he was an advocate for peace, a motivational speaker and one of the youngest people to lobby on Capitol Hill not for one, but many causes.  The wise […]



It has been said, by someone who is not a mother that I am a bad mother… because I let my kids eat sugar.  Really?  Here I totally thought keeping them off the pole and crack cocaine were the hallmarks of relatively decent parenting.  Silly rabbit, Pixie Sticks aren’t for kids. Suffice it to say I was more than mildly irritated at that parental judicator’s assessment of my skills as a mom, but it turns out they weren’t so far […]


Crappity, crap-crap.

It is an unfortunate thing at the moment that I am surrounded by crap.  As far as the eye can see, there it is.  And just when I’m pretty sure I cannot take another minute of it, some well-meaning individual (at least that’s how I’m going to identify them publicly, for now) comes along with their trusty shovel and heaps another batch onto the pile.  Holy crap. Well, this morning I have come to the conclusion that the best way […]