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Mary, Mary…quite the contrarian.

Mary, Mary…quite the contrarian. When I was a kid I wracked my brain trying to figure out what exactly in the “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary” rhyme gave any clue that she was a contrarian (which also goes by the totally cool Latin name: opposium totalis).  I mean, look at this: Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With silver bells, and cockle shells, And pretty maids all in a row. There is just so much about it that rankles […]


I hereby deny that I’m in denial.

Denial can be a good thing and denial can be a bad thing…a really bad thing.  Sometimes, doctors agree that it can be a relatively healthy thing – for a short period of time.  Several days, or even weeks, might actually be beneficial when absorbing really difficult news or situations.  But, eventually – life makes us look at things that are incredibly uncomfortable or unpleasant and we have to pull the veil away to deal with what’s in front of […]


Fallon Hotel – Chapter Sixteen

Fallon Hotel – Chapter Sixteen Waking with a start, Jeri opened her eyes in the gray light of morning, finding it hard to breathe from the compression of Ezra’s uncomfortable grip on her.  Frightened, she realized just how desperate Ezra was to connect and wondered if Andy had felt any of the anxiety and fear that she has in the presence of… what, exactly?  It’s not as if she’d seen anything.  So far, she had only heard and felt the […]