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Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Dante wrote of an epic journey to the underworld, telling of the nine circles depicting the great suffering located in the center of earth — but living in the 14th century didn’t allow Dante a glimpse into the world of airline travel – so, I’m going to take today to complete his ultimate circle of true anguish and misery.  Agony: thy name is an airline company that if you were dyslexic you might associate with shoelaces that require tying. This […]


Warped Reflections

I have two children, ages (almost) 18 and 21 who have asked me on occasion, when they were younger, “When will I be a grown-up?”  Well, when the now 21 year old turned 18 she called herself a “Fake Adult” for the four years that followed, because there was still so much she couldn’t do yet.  The now (almost) 18 year old is wise to his sister’s words and knows he has a few years to go. It has been […]


Fallon Hotel – Chapter Eighteen

The sound of the leaves, rocks and twigs crunching under Andy’s feet mingled with the lively conversation of the birds as he walked through the gates of the Columbia Cemetery, his arms flung out like wings as he picked up the pace and quickly headed to the back of the property.  Normally, Andy was a boy who lived closed in on himself, tucked in and hunkered down, like he was preparing for an outside assault at any moment.  In a […]