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Fame can be weird. Or, maybe it’s me.

Fame is a bee

Famous people get really frustrated around me, because I’m weird.  Mostly, because I spend the first few minutes around them in a complete and total fog about who they are and what they do.  Really, the only famous people that I behaved normal and appropriately flummoxed in front of — were Burt Reynolds and Michael Jackson. Mr. Reynolds, I met when I was a teenager and I was completely dumbstruck by his appearance at my family’s home in the 1970’s, […]


You didn’t ask.

                                There are times in our lives when we have to ask the difficult questions of the people we love and some questions are harder than others to ask, among them: Are you okay? Is everything alright? What’s the matter? Can I help?… There are friends in my orbit who have managed over the years to call, text or simply ring the doorbell when there […]


Ma-Nah Ma-Nah Phenomena

Do you remember the Muppets singing Ma-Nah Ma-Nah?  I have found it to be one of the most universal phrases that can bring a crowd of strangers to immediately respond with a smile and, in some cases, an almost whispered: “Doot-doo-doo-doo-doot!” until they hear others do (doot?) it, too. Did you know (<– three of my most favorite words, BTW) that it was written by an Italian composer, Piero Umiliani, for a documentary about life in Sweden?  The Muppets first […]


Fallon Hotel – Chapter Nineteen

Her arms ached and her head hurt. Jeri had had many moments over the years where she’d had to tussle with Andy during particularly violent tantrums or when she needed to contain his arms and legs in space when necessary, but she had not had to physically drag him away from a location and then carry him such a distance, in a very long time.  The walk back from the Columbia Cemetery sure seemed a lot farther than their walk […]