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Gray Matter (White Hair)

Very few things in my long history have caused as much of a ruckus as my hair has.  Not my weight, not my clothing, not my relationship status.  While people may have whispered behind my back about those last three things, they confront me (with no qualms) to my face and follicles about their opinion of the condition of my hair.  In speaking with others, I find I am not alone in this. When I was about 28 years old, […]


Why “T.” and not TLPPBBHWKR?

T just T

When I introduce myself, I usually begin with some variation of “Hello, my name is T. – like the one between S and U, in the alphabet.”  It is one lone letter, yet it causes some confusion for people and when it does, I realize I should probably correct it to, “Hello, I go by an initial… T.” but over the years, no matter what I do – there are always people who make an issue out of it. “How […]


Promises, Promises

Promises can seem like an awful thing, if you really think about it.  Author Paul Coelho wrote, “In the first place, you shouldn’t believe in promises… Those who make promises they don’t keep end up powerless and frustrated, and exactly the fate awaits those who believe promises.”  Harsh words, when you consider one of the first things we typically believe early in life, are the words told to us.  Is it wrong to retain some belief in the promises made […]


Columbia, California – a town touched by magic

On March 27th, 1950 Thaddeus Hildreth and his younger brother George, and a few other hungry seekers of gold, wound up in a stretch of land they considered to be “an unusually rich seam of gold” and pounded their stake into the earth, calling the area Hildreth’s Diggings.  On a daily basis the party managed to pull a minimum of 15 pounds of gold dust daily. In a couple of weeks, the area grew so rapidly that the Sonoma Herald […]