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We interrupt our weekly post —

— to bring you this: [This is the link – but the story is below…] Please support this wonderful woman and help her voice echo into a world that should hear what she has to say about mental illness.  There is a Native American saying, “It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story.”  This mother’s voice, her story, can be heard if you share it.  Today, I ask that you share this post – so that her story […]


Eat, Pray, Love… and read your email.

When you least expect it, a song — and an email — can change your life , in a way you just didn’t think possible.  4+ years ago, the Three Dog Night song “Shambala” was sent to me in an email (by someone I adore — who still does not know what he did for me) and for some reason (truly, at that time there was no absolutely no rhyme or reason)… it touched a place in my heart I […]


Nice Purse – Cheap Boots

If you were to hold up two articles of clothing and asked me to identify which of the two was the more expensive/designer-label item… I’m not sure I could do it.  Maybe, if I were to inspect it really, really closely in order to determine which had better stitching or more luxurious fabric, I could have a fighting chance.  But, just glancing?  Nah.  Not a clue.  I never was that woman, although I’ve spent my life around plenty of them.  […]