Monthly Archives: December 2014


I have officially run out of things to say. It has been nearly a decade that I have served up this weekly Tea with T./T. with Tea and, lately, I find that I’m waffling between days of brain: empty/heart: full and visa versa and both are smarting from the sting of things. Perhaps, in the New Year I will come back to the table and keyboard full (mug, brain and heart). In the meantime, I welcome your emails and Facebook […]


tEXt Files

Texting is a form of communication that ranks pretty high on my list of preferred forms of communication.  It is firmly sandwiched in-between face-to-face (#1) and email (#3) and, frankly, waaay above the dreaded telephone (#last#last#last).  I prefer texting, mostly because it is a silent and efficient way of transmitting information and often acts as a reminder of things I need to do or follow-up on, since it’s always with me.  Out of all of the ways to convey info, […]