Monthly Archives: January 2015

I feel so small.


Surrounded by boxes as I try to downsize, I realize how incredibly small I am – in the big scheme of things.  I’m going through a lifetime of stuff. Stuff my family and friends gave me. Stuff from music students over the years. Stuff that my almost grown kids may or may not want. Stuff that my ex-husband left in my garage until he sorts out his life. Stuff that my mother-in-law left when she passed away (proving that you […]


The Fun House Mirror? Not so fun.

Fun House Mirror

I will never be a skinny woman. Oh, and not because I don’t know how, either. Nope. I am mighty well-versed in the art of diet and exercise, because I resided under the big top of one of the greatest health & fitness shows ever on earth. You see, I lived under the tutelage of the handsome King of the Strongmen and the lovely corseted Queen of Beasts who tutored and trained any and all who came to their tent. During […]


Check and Balances (How to survive the circus)

Circus copy

“How is it, you’re not… insane?”  Every time that question is asked of me (and yes, I’ve heard it an awful lot), my answer is that I actually am a bit mad, in the best hatter-type sense and I’ve lived with just enough tea and sensibility to keep me upright and not terribly off-kilter.  It’s a matter of checks and balances that have kept me from falling off the tightrope of sanity. You see, the three ring circus that has […]



It started with a junk drawer in the kitchen – and now I’m going through all of the notes from my “ringside seat to crazy.” I’m steeping, but I’ll be back on Wednesdays, once I’ve sifted through the sawdust.  There’s a whole lot of sweet, sour, snark, sparkle and sewage and I’m letting it all steep, before I decide what to serve and what to save. Happy New Year to you! xo – t.