Monthly Archives: February 2015

But, I don’t hate YOU…

Because I cry.

There is a soft pink emotional underbelly to me that I don’t usually show to complete strangers.  However, it has been seen on more than one occasion by those who know me.  My family has seen it.  My colleagues have seen it.  Folks who have stood still long enough to chat about my children, relationships or autism have seen it — but, not complete and total strangers, as a rule.  Strangers come and go so quickly that there isn’t much […]



Numbers copy

Numbers intimidate me. I have never much liked them.  Ever since my father tried to teach me fractions, time and money — all in the same week, numbers became terribly suspicious to me.  For the most part, I managed to stick with most of the concepts presented about cash, as it was drilled over and over into my wee soft head that 25 cents made a quarter.  Pfft!  THIS was easy math: Money made sense/cents to me.  It wasn’t until […]


Permission to read, please.

book tea copy

I used to read all the time.  It was my comfort, my respite, my escape.  But, I also got in a lot of trouble for reading. When I was young, I’d hide a book under the dinner table and I got smacked for it, more than once. For reasons I didn’t quite understand, I was told it was considered disrespectful to the other people at the table.  The people who argued with one another and mostly ignored me or said […]