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She Who Harvests/Reaps

Rose Thistles

The name given to me at birth — either by the nuns, my birth mother or my adopted mother (they all had a different story) – means “Reaper” or “She who harvests.”  No matter who bestowed the name, I have always said, when asked what I harvest/reap, “I collect people.” Not in the weird, creepy soul-collecting way of the horror genre of film and television, but in the “YOU could be my friend” way. Today, was my birthday. While I […]


Dear Evil Loan Company: I’ve created a Voodoo doll


Dear Evil Loan Company: When I first embarked upon the journey of securing a mortgage with your company, it was for good reasons. My experience with you has now left me questioning why bad people happen to good reasons. It was an exciting day, when you looked at credit scores in the 800’s and announced that pre-approval for a pretty-penny wasn’t going to be any trouble at all. Papers were signed and trust was handed over to you as you […]


There is no good reason to post this.

…other than the fact that the year is nearly half over and we’re all still trying to make sense of things. Am I right?   Coming SOON: I have to tell the story of an evil Loan Company. I have warned them, “I am on to you. And… I tell stories. To anyone who will listen. And… I am going to tell the story of who you are and what you’ve done.” I’ve also said that the voodoo doll in […]