Monthly Archives: October 2015

Not dead yet.


An awful (and I do mean awful) lot of my head space is filled with the voice of the great patriarch in my life saying things like, “It is such a shame you didn’t do anything with your life, when you were younger.” And, “What a loss, that you didn’t do more with your life.” Those phrases started when I was 24 years old. I have to tell you, it has been pretty demoralizing to have to live with the […]


Mothership Adrift

Awhile back, I stopped writing for anyone but my private journals (many small books I keep in my purse, my nightstand and a designated file in my laptop), at the time explaining that I was empty and had no more to say. That wasn’t entirely true. An awful lot of what I needed to say did not need to be shot out into space. The words swirling in my head and heart needed to be contained in a capsule of […]