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Are you Twitterpated?

In the movie Bambi, one of the characters is accused of being twitterpated, meaning all swoony and loopy in love.  Living in an age where immediate information swirls and twirls about your head, it can be a bit like that.  I’ve met more than a few people who are confused by the social networking phenomenon and wonder what it’s all about, Alfie.  A few months ago I attended a conference where Jenn Bailey was speaking (founder of and she spelled it out perfectly.  In an effort to demystify some of the main thoroughfares on the information highway, I thought I would share a thumbnail sketch of what I’ve learned:


TWITTER is sort of like meeting people at a nightclub.

Here you only get quick impressions, no deep content.  The information given here is immediate and brief (you’re only allowed to communicate in 140 characters or less).


FACEBOOK is like getting together at a family reunion.

This is a gathering place to strengthen existing ties and share personal information.  You have the opportunity to share photos, events, fun glimpses into your personality, etc.


BLOGGING is like inviting people to your home.

"Come see my stuff, what I'm about and who I am". This is an in-depth look at someone and their ideas.


FLICKER is like going to a gallery or museum.

You will see visual images without meeting the artist or knowing too much about him/her.


YOU TUBE is like watching home movies.

People share what they like to watch and want you to see (like their cat drinking from a hose or their kids singing and dancing).


LINKEDIN is like attending a business conference or networking event.

This is the place to share only business-related information to advance your career.


This is just a snapshot of what the internet has to offer in the way of sharing information.  What’s nice about all of these “places” is that folks get to pick and choose the What, Why and How of the sharing they do and which ones fit their lifestyle and personality.


Personally, I love the campfire feel of Facebook and the fireside feel of blogs – there is something about the connections made and information shared that somehow feels cozy.  The fact that I am usually in front my monitor with a cup of tea probably helps.


As the seasons change and the nights grow longer, I’m looking forward to being warmed by the words of my “friends” using the social media out there and by April or May, I’ll be fully Twitterpated I’m sure (@TeawithTKatz).

2 thoughts on “Are you Twitterpated?

  • Eve says:

    Thanks for explaining and sharing! I’m a newbie to this networking and socializing and would be happy if I only had a little Twitterpat!

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