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An absorbent observer's view on life. Opinions served up strong, but never bitter. T. and observation -- For tea and conversation. Actress/Singer/Writer/DJ: Words for Sale (Spoken, Sung, Scrawled) KHTS AM 1220 Fridays at Noon & Drive Time 3pm to 7pm. MWF

Short Film – LONG Story

There’s a mantra among writers that keeps them sitting in their chair, more often than not: “Writers write.” What’s comforting to a lot of writers about that short phrase, is understanding that not everything you write is going to be earthshaking, monumental, New York Times Bestseller List writing. It’s just what you do. From journaling, to list making, to story outlines, to snippets of dialogue you overhear (or say) – you write it down. That makes you a writer. Maybe […]


“Mom, is that true?”

My son shared an article on Facebook about vaccines causing autism and asked me, “Mom, is that true?” My son finds the written word to be the easiest form of communication, because a language processing disorder makes auditory conversation difficult. My son easily makes his thoughts and wishes known through the computer keyboard and phone texting.   My son has autism.   We often banter back and forth via social media and what begins on a forum typically continues in […]


Make Hey! — while the sun shines. Even a little.

If this year is any indication, the next half century of my life is going to be VERY busy. The first half was, too — but nuthin’ like this. It’s good. I’m a big fan of making hay while the sun shines and this year, has been a whole lotta “Hey!” even on slightly cloudy days.   Having always been a storyteller, the writing and babbling out loud of my own stories has been fun — and this year I’m […]


Envy. Envy. Envy.


[Re-posted from an SCV Gazette Afternoon T. article]  Q: How do I fight the green-eyed monster of envy? An ex has replaced me and I am practically stalking the new love on every social media platform. I can’t even say it’s about the two of them being together. I’m obsessed with everything my ‘replacement’ does. I don’t know how to stop this crazy-train.  A: First let’s clarify a couple of things. 1) There’s no such thing as ‘practically stalking’ if […]



As a storyteller, when people ask what I do I usually describe it as “Words: Spun, Sung, Spoken and Scrawled. In my life, I’ve had the good fortune to present words in all their formats. As a vocalist I spent time as a singer in studios and on stages. As a writer I’ve had my work of words printed in magazines, newspapers and children’s chapter books. As an actress I’ve gone deep into characters that delivered words I never dreamed […]


Lyin’ Eyes

What can be done about habitual lying? Don’t we all know someone in our life who isn’t a bad person, but fibs all the time? Someone who will lie even about silly, unimportant things. When we get upset by this behavior we will often question ourselves, wondering “Am I being too sensitive? Should I just let it go?” Not gonna lie, this habit of fibbing is not something to gloss over and ignore. Honestly, human nature can cause us to […]


Call me by my NAME.

Yesterday, I was told that I made a terrible faux pas by not calling someone by their proper first name. Not only had I made an error, apparently this person was “offended” that I couldn’t get his name right.   Ouch.   Now, in my defense this introduction was made in a bit of a flurry as we were walking through a film location for a short I wrote and commence shooting this weekend. This is a movie about a […]