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Pandora’s Box

Do you remember the mythological story of Pandora’s Box?  It was the container (a jar, in the original tale) that contained all the “evils of the world.”  Today, when we say that someone has opened Pandora’s Box, it means they’ve created something (usually bad) that cannot be undone.  They open a lid or door they should not have… then act as though they hadn’t and just expect things to go back to the way they were. Fat chance. At first […]


Mother Nature’s Son Knows No Limits

I read a quote the other day (attributed to wise old Anonymous) that said “Limits exist only in the mind.”   Well, I don’t know about you, but my mind seems to have cornered the market on limits.  There’s even sign in my head of a cartoon cowboy holding his hand about yay high showing the actual limitations of what I can and cannot do in this life.  Sort of like those “You must be THIS TALL to ride” signs.  Generally, […]


Helta-Skelta Airlines

What ever happened to airline travel?  It used to be glamorous and extremely comfortable to fly.  Even the birds were envious, if you believed Wally Bird in the 70’s as he nestled up against the tail of a well-known aircraft, telling us it was the “Only way to fly.”  One of my personal favorites dubbed the big blue beyond their very own “Friendly Skies.”  That, my friends, was long ago, on a tarmac far away.  Flying is now a chore.  […]


The Rain in Spain, fell in the mountains.

This time last week, I was in Spain.  Please know that I don’t utter those words in a snooty, world-weary way – but in a “Holy crap!  I was in…Spain.”  Period. Now, I have managed to get out of the country a few times, but when you’re an American? Mexico, the Bahamas and Canada almost don’t count as other countries.  They’re sort of like visiting cousins, by marriage.  And, there was that one blissful week, once upon a time, spent in […]


Yakkety Yak and the games we play.

A short time ago, someone that I don’t know very well (at all, really), made a comment about my life based on what was read on my FB page.  Period.  No other informational input, just the less-filling, not very nutritious, artificially sweetened thin slices of social media served up sporadically over time.  I happen to love social media, but it is a bit like one of those cartoon flip-books – picture by picture, it goes by rather slowly.  Rifle through […]


Mean Old Girls

I have a lovely lady friend who is 92 years old.  Actually, she is not my friend (tho’ I adore her, as though she was), she is my maternal unit’s friend.  But, I have to be honest… I don’t know why.  In fact, there are times I wonder why they even speak to one another.  It isn’t that the 92 year old isn’t sweet as “pah-ee” (which is exactly how the word for her favorite dessert rolls off her southern tongue), ‘cause […]