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Behind the Ashton Kutcher Curtain

At the most recent Teen Choice Awards Ashton Kutcher thanked his fans by saying he wouldn’t have a career without them, told them that he felt they were giving him the “Old Guy/Grandpa Award” and then he gave away some secrets he learned when he was just “Chris” — which is his real name. Ashton is apparently his middle name, one that he took when he started out as a young actor.Ashton


1)      Opportunity looks a lot like hard work. Find your opportunities, always working until you have your next job and never think you are better than whatever job you are working at (whether it’s sweeping cereal dust, washing dishes or hauling shingles to and fro).

2)      The sexiest thing in the world is being smart, thoughtful and generous.  Don’t buy that you are anything less, even though the world (mostly the media) will try to sell you crap that will make you feel like you are “less than.”

3)      Don’t live a life – build one.  Everything that you call “Life” was made up by people who were no smarter than you and you can build your own version of a life and it is okay.


As one of the most hugely influential persons on the planet (honestly, the guy has 14, 625, 421 followers on Twitter), I love that the 35 year old Mr. Kutcher used his four and a half minutes on a podium to say something positive and motivating to an awfully large group of people… 6.9 million, give or take a few (mostly teens).


The message may have been pointed at the youngsters, but even the more seasoned listeners could benefit from the reminder:


1)      Yes, we need to work hard and forge ahead, nose to the grindstone – because only then will opportunities present themselves when we are ready (remember to look for them, too BTW).

2)      Being smart, thoughtful and generous really will ultimately trump dumb, selfish and MeMeMe.  Don’t stress over extra cush to the tush or facial lines of love and laughter.  You rock, just the way you are.

3)      Every single day you have the chance to shape your life, whether it means adding a much-needed ten minute cup of tea and respite or taking yourself to the matinee theatre now and again – you are at the helm of your ship (regardless of the conditions of the sea).  Design your life and enjoy it.


Of course, Ashton Kutcher is also the goofball (his words, not mine) who once said things like “I am only young once, who cares if I’m a goofball!” and “I woke up many mornings not knowing what I’d done the night before.  I’m amazed I’m not dead.”


Thank goodness, Christopher is embracing his grown-up side and building a version of a life that is not only okay, but also one to look up to.  And listen to.  From 8 to 80.

One thought on “Behind the Ashton Kutcher Curtain

  • Jim says:

    All work and no play, makes Jim a dull boy… actually all play is where I am at now. I am a kid all over again. I’m proud to be a stick in the mud. Won’t you join me please? Work in my profession was repetitive, dull and unrewarding. I had an insurance agency for 35 years and then retired. I now move moment by moment at what presents itself. Ain’t life great? 🙂

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