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Book Giveaway! FREE – tonight: “Fallon Hotel”

Hello! —

Tonight I will give away the first chapter of my book, “Fallon Hotel” and will add a chapter each month, for the next 13 months.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

A young autistic boy and his mother come to stay at the Fallon Hotel in HistoricColumbiaState Park, looking to establish a new life in the foothills of the Gold Mining district of California.  Andy, the little boy, is severely autistic and “comes to life” only in the presence of Ezra, a ghost child, that no one else can see, hear or detect.  When Ezra isn’t present, the autistic boy displays all of the textbook symptoms of his debilitating autism (solitary play, no language, tantrums, stimming, etc.) but when his “friend” is nearby, the autistic behaviors disappear.  Andy is present, but not 21st century present. He’s fully engaged — making eye contact, laughing, playing games, singing songs and requesting foods … right out of the 19th century.  His mother, heartbroken before with her son’s detached autistic nature, is now more distressed with this bizarre new behavior…  

I hope you enjoy it!

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