Books by T. Katz

Miss L’eau (Children’s Chapter Book 8-11)
Two kids are inspired by their teacher (and her unusual connection to the sea) to organize an Annual Clean-up event and hope to encourage kids everywhere to follow their lead of conservation and preservation.
[Educational and inspirational]  

A young pianist who is introduced to a highly spirited tutor who helps her understand that music (and its foundation in numbers) has the magic to fill the heart, feed the mind and lift the soul whether listening or creating.  [Informative and  touching]



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No Family Tree for Me
[Middle Readers]
A school-wide family tree project disrupts the life of young Tessie Tremain because both of her parents are adopted, a fact her father has never made peace with.  The Family Rose Trellis is born, giving kids in blended or non-traditional families a chance to think out-of-the-box when honoring their family history.

(Children’s Chapter Book)
A tail/tale about puberty and bullying.

Fallon Hotel – Read it for free here
(YA Novel)
A ghost story set in historic Columbia, CA.