Books by T. Katz

 Books by T. Katz

No Family Tree by T. KatzNo Family Tree

Tessie Tremaine is mortified when her middle school English teacher, affectionately known as Mean Old Mrs. Parker, assigns a family tree project. As the daughter of parents who were both adopted, Tessie is mortified; she imagines a postage-stamp twig showing nothing but her four immediate family members. As the rest of her classmates begin to create trees filled with many family members, Tessie agonizes over the thought of exposing what her parents call their own little family island. Desperate for help, Tessie turns to her honorary grandmother, who takes her to a rose show where she learns about the art of grafting roses. Suddenly, the family tree project takes on a whole new meaning. In this poignant young adult tale, a girl struggling to find her roots soon discovers that family is much more than who she is related to by blood.
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“Excellent! Well written. Clearly expressed. Poignant. In a world increasing made up of non-traditional and blended families where children are raised by those who may not even share their DNA this book is spot on. As the nuclear family continues to tear at the fabric of what was normative not too many years ago T. Katz has written a compelling story of a young girl struggling for her family identity. At a time when young people are coming to terms with who they are as people the protagonist of the story also has to deal with her heritage and history. The author has taken these struggles and molded them into a compelling novelette which keeps the reader enthralled and anxious to see how things will turn out. Even those of us who have grown up in a relatively traditional household may find out that our family tree resembles more of a cactus, thorns and all, than a mighty oak. A must read from counselors, teachers, youth workers, parents, or anyone who is helping young people come to terms with who they are. A book every parent should read with their children, if not to understand their own family, to understand the growing number of families and children in their community.” — Thomas Law
“This book is so beautiful and so full of love. It’s a must read for anyone who is adopted or has adopted or has an unconventional family.” – Anonymous from
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Ghost in the key of A: PythagorasGhost in the key of A: Pythagoras

A reluctant musician is tired of practicing piano and finds herself bored and discouraged one autumn afternoon when she can hear all her friends outside having fun. Smashing her fingers against the keys in frustration she stumbles upon a sticky A key and everything changes, thanks to a ‘spirited’ tutor named Pythagoras. He begins to teach her interesting information she never knew about musical history and theory. Along the way, she discovers important lessons about herself and the many ways that music plays a part in her world (and someone in her very own family who has a musical secret of his own).

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T’s book presents a brilliant way for parents to understand what tunnels their children go through to reach the destination of a skilled musician. The brilliance of the book though is that it will ring in an understanding of how powerful music is, and shouldn’t be missed, even by children who chose not to be “skilled musicians”.  T shows how children through adults can absorb information better, if there’s music associated with it, simply playing in the background. I doubt that there’s a reader who has not found this out, as T says in the book; “Music is absolutely so much more than that. It’s a combination of many things, but three of the most important elements are these: your brain, your heart, and your soul.”

The book made me want to go back to re-earn my undergraduate degree in mathematics.

Elliot Michael Gold is the author of REMEMORIES-The Music and the Memories that Shaped our Lives,  founder of and principal of REMEMORIESforSeniors.Com as well as “The Music Man” for the Alive Inside Foundation (
Elliot has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a Master’s Degree in Sociology, is a former freelance photographer for Time Magazine, written special feature inserts for Fortune and BusinessWeek, and was quoted frequently in The Wall Street Journal before retiring. He is the author of three books.


“I consider myself an avid reader and cannot recall the last time I was so emotionally invested in a book. It, literally, struck all the right notes. Such a beautiful and meaningful story… Here’s to living life in the Key of A!” — Dan Crow


“…It will, hopefully, be the impetus for many a young ‘musician to be’ that will get them over the hump and to a point of experiencing the pure joy of recreational music making!” — Scott The Piano Guy. Emmy Award Winning host of The Piano Guy on PBS.  www.


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