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Not dead yet.


An awful (and I do mean awful) lot of my head space is filled with the voice of the great patriarch in my life saying things like, “It is such a shame you didn’t do anything with your life, when you were younger.” And, “What a loss, that you didn’t do more with your life.” Those phrases started when I was 24 years old. I have to tell you, it has been pretty demoralizing to have to live with the […]


Story Road

The stories I tell come from a place where I never thought good things would grow

Above all else, telling stories is what I like to do best. When I was a kid, the stories I told totally bent the truth more than I should have, because I wanted to be liked and the life I was living and the people I was living with weren’t very likeable.  To be honest (something I came to fiercely embrace before I was old enough to vote, thank goodness), if I’d told the truth between the ages of, well… […]


Permission to read, please.

book tea copy

I used to read all the time.  It was my comfort, my respite, my escape.  But, I also got in a lot of trouble for reading. When I was young, I’d hide a book under the dinner table and I got smacked for it, more than once. For reasons I didn’t quite understand, I was told it was considered disrespectful to the other people at the table.  The people who argued with one another and mostly ignored me or said […]


Columbia, California – a town touched by magic

On March 27th, 1950 Thaddeus Hildreth and his younger brother George, and a few other hungry seekers of gold, wound up in a stretch of land they considered to be “an unusually rich seam of gold” and pounded their stake into the earth, calling the area Hildreth’s Diggings.  On a daily basis the party managed to pull a minimum of 15 pounds of gold dust daily. In a couple of weeks, the area grew so rapidly that the Sonoma Herald […]


Fallon Hotel – Chapter Twenty

Slumber my darling, the birds are at rest The wandering dews by the flowers are caressed Slumber my darling, I’ll wrap thee up warm And pray that the angels will shield thee from harm. Smiling at the “angel family” that now sat in the front seat of her car, Jeri ran her index finger around the smooth soapstone cheeks of the faceless mother, father and child that linked arms for all eternity, thanks to the creative artistic genius of the […]


Fallon Hotel – Chapter Nineteen

Her arms ached and her head hurt. Jeri had had many moments over the years where she’d had to tussle with Andy during particularly violent tantrums or when she needed to contain his arms and legs in space when necessary, but she had not had to physically drag him away from a location and then carry him such a distance, in a very long time.  The walk back from the Columbia Cemetery sure seemed a lot farther than their walk […]


Fallon Hotel – Information

Having received some email requests about the Fallon Hotel, I thought I would share some factual information regarding this little jewel box in the California Gold Mining District.   The Fallon Hotel Complex has a long and complicated history. It is really the history of four separate structures. The current hotel building, what is now the theatre, the theatre box office and finally the ice cream parlor – each have interesting and distinct histories. From 1852 until Owen Fallon constructed […]