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Fallon Hotel: Chapter Two

Fallon Hotel is a book by T. Katz (presented in chapter installments over a 13 month period). Synopsis: A young autistic boy and his mother come to stay at the Fallon Hotel in HistoricColumbiaState Parkwhile looking to establish a new life in the foothills of the Gold Mining district of California.  The little boy, Andy, is severely autistic and “comes to life” only in the presence of a ghost child that no one else can see, hear or detect.  Andy displays […]


Fallon Hotel: Chapter One

Maneuvering the winding roads of Highway 49 was challenging, even more so considering how tired Jeri was, but the beautiful silence propelled her forward.  Her son’s autism didn’t often offer many quiet moments, but the hundreds of miles they’d traveled so far in the car caused Andy to sleep, and with sleep came glorious peace.  It was in those moments, that Jeri could look at her son and really feel how deep her love was for him.  It was also […]