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She Who Harvests/Reaps

Rose Thistles

The name given to me at birth — either by the nuns, my birth mother or my adopted mother (they all had a different story) – means “Reaper” or “She who harvests.”  No matter who bestowed the name, I have always said, when asked what I harvest/reap, “I collect people.” Not in the weird, creepy soul-collecting way of the horror genre of film and television, but in the “YOU could be my friend” way. Today, was my birthday. While I […]


There is no good reason to post this.

…other than the fact that the year is nearly half over and we’re all still trying to make sense of things. Am I right?   Coming SOON: I have to tell the story of an evil Loan Company. I have warned them, “I am on to you. And… I tell stories. To anyone who will listen. And… I am going to tell the story of who you are and what you’ve done.” I’ve also said that the voodoo doll in […]



In a book that contains some pretty great wisdom, there is a passage that says that three things will last forever: faith, hope and love.  And of the three, the greatest is love.  I think that the reasoning behind this, is because with love the other two are much easier to locate and sustain.  It isn’t that difficult to find people who have faith and/or hope and yet seem to have very little love in their hearts.  But it has […]


Did RESPECT die… and I missed the obituary?


There aren’t a lot of things I absolutely demand in life, because a lot of things aren’t really worth fighting for, when it comes down to brass tacks.  For example, if my dinner comes to the table cold, that’s okay. I won’t send it back to the kitchen.  Because it is not that big of a deal to me.  Besides, I think I once read an article that said it’s better for your digestive system to not eat food that […]


Wait! Wait! Wait!!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

“Everything comes too late for those who only wait” said Elbert Hubbard.  Elbert and I could have been friends, had I been around back in the late 1800’s.  A terribly sad fact about Elbert, was that he and his wife died aboard the Lusitania after it was hit by a torpedo and sunk by the Germans, but even in the last moments – character was revealed of the highest nature, which I greatly admire.  The Hubbards knew when they boarded the […]


The March of the Holidays

Every day is a holiday.

Did you know (those are three of my favorite words, BTW) – that St. Patrick’s Day is not the only holiday in March?  Oh, no.  There’s lots of other stuff being celebrated in March and after reading through the entire list, it does make one wonder if bright green adult beverages were involved in the making of some of the more obscure days of observation.   Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the other holidays […]


But, I don’t hate YOU…

Because I cry.

There is a soft pink emotional underbelly to me that I don’t usually show to complete strangers.  However, it has been seen on more than one occasion by those who know me.  My family has seen it.  My colleagues have seen it.  Folks who have stood still long enough to chat about my children, relationships or autism have seen it — but, not complete and total strangers, as a rule.  Strangers come and go so quickly that there isn’t much […]