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Mothership Adrift

Awhile back, I stopped writing for anyone but my private journals (many small books I keep in my purse, my nightstand and a designated file in my laptop), at the time explaining that I was empty and had no more to say. That wasn’t entirely true. An awful lot of what I needed to say did not need to be shot out into space. The words swirling in my head and heart needed to be contained in a capsule of […]


My house is in order. But my hands are a mess.

For a moment I can say, “My house is in order.”  I’m pretty sure that this business of being “in order” will last about five minutes. Honestly, I’d really like it to last longer, but I’m not so sure it’s in the cards for my household.  Five minutes is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but I’d still like more of this balance and order.  I dunno.  Say, maybe… 20 minutes?  After all, experts say […]


Radio: A game of minutes.


Every now and again, I have an interview with someone who ends our segment by saying, “Wow. I had no idea exactly what all you had to do in a few short minutes!” Yeah. When you get to see all of the plates being spun at one time it can be dizzying to watch. It’s even more so, when you’re the one in the roll-y chair behind the microphone and every minute is accounted for.  Well, every second really. Today, a […]


She Who Harvests/Reaps

Rose Thistles

The name given to me at birth — either by the nuns, my birth mother or my adopted mother (they all had a different story) – means “Reaper” or “She who harvests.”  No matter who bestowed the name, I have always said, when asked what I harvest/reap, “I collect people.” Not in the weird, creepy soul-collecting way of the horror genre of film and television, but in the “YOU could be my friend” way. Today, was my birthday. While I […]


There is no good reason to post this.

…other than the fact that the year is nearly half over and we’re all still trying to make sense of things. Am I right?   Coming SOON: I have to tell the story of an evil Loan Company. I have warned them, “I am on to you. And… I tell stories. To anyone who will listen. And… I am going to tell the story of who you are and what you’ve done.” I’ve also said that the voodoo doll in […]



In a book that contains some pretty great wisdom, there is a passage that says that three things will last forever: faith, hope and love.  And of the three, the greatest is love.  I think that the reasoning behind this, is because with love the other two are much easier to locate and sustain.  It isn’t that difficult to find people who have faith and/or hope and yet seem to have very little love in their hearts.  But it has […]


“You’re not a collector, you wouldn’t understand.”

Collection of Hearts

Remember the children’s nursery rhyme about the old woman who lived in the shoe, the one who had so many children she didn’t know what to do? What does one do if that woman instead has rooms filled with boxes and bags filled items she doesn’t use, likely doesn’t love and no longer really even recalls? At what point does one intervene? If they were indeed rooms filled with children, social services would, in short order, be on the doorstep […]