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The March of the Holidays

Every day is a holiday.

Did you know (those are three of my favorite words, BTW) – that St. Patrick’s Day is not the only holiday in March?  Oh, no.  There’s lots of other stuff being celebrated in March and after reading through the entire list, it does make one wonder if bright green adult beverages were involved in the making of some of the more obscure days of observation.   Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by the other holidays […]


The Fun House Mirror? Not so fun.

Fun House Mirror

I will never be a skinny woman. Oh, and not because I don’t know how, either. Nope. I am mighty well-versed in the art of diet and exercise, because I resided under the big top of one of the greatest health & fitness shows ever on earth. You see, I lived under the tutelage of the handsome King of the Strongmen and the lovely corseted Queen of Beasts who tutored and trained any and all who came to their tent. During […]


Monkey Picked

As the lucky recipient of a monthly Tea Club gift for my last birthday, I am always tickled by the arrival of the box when the mailman delivers it.  I knew, when I first opened the initial gift on my birthday day, I thrilled to discover that I was that going to have a different tea show up on my doorstep every thirty days and that it was going to be a yummy treat.  However, the raucous laughter and conversation […]


Please forgive me, I was hangry.

There is a candy bar commercial whose tagline is “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”  Well, pardon my snarkiness – but I am absolutely ME, when I’m hungry.  However, I’m just the most wicked, “Oh, there will be blood!…” version of me when I’m hungry.  And, if you haven’t seen it, let me paint a picture: It isn’t pretty. I am a person that has to eat.  I have to eat or there will be heck to pay.  It is […]


Smokey, the Bear.

Some overheard conversations are better than others in my household.  They’re made just a little more delicious when my daughter is home from college, her boyfriend stops by to help to cook dinner and they’re left to entertain my son who has autism — and what the doctors have labeled a language processing disorder (where he actually puts words in a better order than they were originally intended, in my opinion). Allow me to share what was served up this […]


Eww & Goo

The past five days I have alternated between been sick, tired or sick AND tired.  I currently have the maternal unit of all sinus congestion and I’m miserable and sick and tired of being sick and tired.  It could be a head cold, it could be the flu – I’m not even sure anymore, because I can’t think straight.  For days, everything that might have been of any kind of worth between my ears has slowly and methodically turned to… […]


Bounce Back.

There is an actress currently on an American Soap Opera who has been on the show for a very long time (and by “very” I mean before remote controls were in play to change the channel to or from the television show she’s been on) – and since the day she was hired to be on the show there’s been a clause in her contract that she cannot gain more than five pounds. Five pounds. I don’t know about you, […]