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You can’t take it with you.

St. James Infirmary Blues is an American folksong with multiple versions done over the years. Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Janice Joplin, The Standells, Arlo Guthrie and others have performed and recorded the song with varying lyrics. My favorite version is done by Hugh Laurie. His has the lyrics, “When I die, bury me in straight laced shoes, a box backed suit and a Stetson hat. Put a 20 dollar gold piece on my watch chain; so the boys’ll know I […]


The dog… was slightly electrocuted.

Preparing for a vacation is stressful and by most accounts, people are more than ready FOR a vacation from all that goes into preparing FOR a vacation. Getting ready for my recent vacation was no exception. First, I had to make sure I could leave work.  Monday through Friday, I have the great privilege to be behind a microphone and talk. For a storyteller, it is the perfect place to be, in a roll-y chair engaging in conversation but, making […]


Be someone I want to respect.

I am not a big fan of rude, despite the fact that some days, it seems that rude people rule the world. At some point, I thought maybe it would stop. Surely, kindness, consideration and an overall sense of justice would kick in and some kind of decency equilibrium would be restored. Oh, silly me. Apparently, even the mentors of the world are allowed to slap on a jersey and ball cap and coach folks into leading their lives backsides […]


I’ll miss you… most of all.

Basket GREEN C.U.

“I think I’ll miss you most of all.” Dorothy whispers those words to the scarecrow at the end of The Wizard of Oz and no matter how many times I’ve seen the film, it breaks my heart. Every. Single. Time. Mostly, because I’m not a fan of saying goodbye to someone you’re likely not going to see very often, if at all, because the winds of fate carry them to worlds beyond your own. Goodbyes are difficult, but it’s especially […]


The Emperor’s New Clothes *SPOILER ALERT*

You’ve heard the story, right — The Emperor’s New Clothes? It is an old one and I want to believe I wouldn’t be ruining anyone’s expectations by exposing (pun intended) the ending. Yet, over and over again, I find that there are legions of folks that go through life as though they’d never even heard the original tale.  I often have a ringside seat, where I watch intelligent adults fall for the most transparent of con games. These seemingly bright people invite […]


Abuse Molds You

Abuse molds a person, whether by actual hands of aggression or by words. Patrick Stewart recently came out to talk about the abuse he was subjected to as a child and I’ve never wanted to hug a stranger (which I often do) so much in my life. What particularly affected me was his take on the flip comments made by others about the abuse, about what triggered it. As if it were justifiable if someone asked for it. One of […]


Honest Observation

Photo by George Cummings -

As someone who writes about Observation for Conversation (says it right there – ^ – up on the website banner), part of the process is being sensitive to what goes on around me. This may come as a surprise, but being sensitive means… I am sensitive.  There is a vulnerable underbelly that gets exposed now and again.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because having a gooey, creamy center allows you to care and feel deeply and that is a […]