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You da’ bomb.


Answering the phone at lunch, especially when you see that it is your place of employment calling, can be risky business. Last week, when work called I was told not to come in. Being insecure and always living in fear that I’m not good enough my response was: “Why? Am I being fired? Is this the day that finally happens?!”  The voice on the phone chuckled nervously and said, “No, don’t come in because the entire area has been evacuated […]


The dog… was slightly electrocuted.

Preparing for a vacation is stressful and by most accounts, people are more than ready FOR a vacation from all that goes into preparing FOR a vacation. Getting ready for my recent vacation was no exception. First, I had to make sure I could leave work.  Monday through Friday, I have the great privilege to be behind a microphone and talk. For a storyteller, it is the perfect place to be, in a roll-y chair engaging in conversation but, making […]


Honest Observation

Photo by George Cummings -

As someone who writes about Observation for Conversation (says it right there – ^ – up on the website banner), part of the process is being sensitive to what goes on around me. This may come as a surprise, but being sensitive means… I am sensitive.  There is a vulnerable underbelly that gets exposed now and again.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because having a gooey, creamy center allows you to care and feel deeply and that is a […]


Radio: A game of minutes.


Every now and again, I have an interview with someone who ends our segment by saying, “Wow. I had no idea exactly what all you had to do in a few short minutes!” Yeah. When you get to see all of the plates being spun at one time it can be dizzying to watch. It’s even more so, when you’re the one in the roll-y chair behind the microphone and every minute is accounted for.  Well, every second really. Today, a […]