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Superbowl XLIVADvertising

Another Superbowl has come to a close and this year the game was as exciting as the commercials (and I can’t always say that).  Those Colts, led by Peyton Manning (who connects footballs to teammates as if by laser beam) showed the world WHY they were worthy of their appearance at the Superbowl … but, I know that the Saints winning gives the folks of New Orleans some pep back in their step and I was cheering for them.   […]


Reality is overrated and underwritten.

Reality shows.  I’m not a big fan of them, but I can totally appreciate how they came to be.  With so many “characters” walking around – and it seems like the most colorful ones out there I am related to or acquainted with – snippets of dialogue and watch-worthy situations are everywhere.  But, it’s as though reality TV got the phrase about bad children all wrong and that they should be seen and heard, apparently around the clock on every […]


I’m holding out for a hero.

Newsweek ran an article this month called Celebrity —  The Greatest Show on Earth devoting five pages to discuss America’s near hero worship and obsession with modern celebrity and how we hang on every personality tic of those who are only “known for their well-knowness.”  With all that’s going on in the world with healthcare, money woes and whatnot … Newsweek gave up FIVE glossy, multi-colored pages to those living in glass multi-angle houses who hold their hands up to […]