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Airport Appeal

Yesterday, my daughter and I got to spend all night in and out of various airports on our way to Washington (the lovely green state, not the Washington currently lacking “green”, D.C.).  We started at the airport in Burbank, making our way to Seattle and ultimately to Pullman, WA – which has a one-building airport where the rental car company left me directions to fetch my keys after hours from a 2nd drawer behind their counter.   For me, airports […]


Goodbye, God. I’m going to Bodie.

Bodie is a California State Historic Park, a Ghost Town that once housed approximately 8,500 people and more than 2,000 buildings by 1879.  Bodie was a pretty wild place back-in-the-day with its gutsy, lusty, gold and silver crazed men and the women who loved them (and their gold and silver).  The entire town had a reputation of non-stop gunfights, robberies and the “workin’ wimmin” of Maiden Lane.  Bodie was a town so lawless that one Reverend F.M. Warrington described it […]