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Little posts mean a lot.

Social media can sure ruffle up emotions, ranging from those who are merely irritated to the ones claiming to be nearly breathless and devastated.  Scrolling up and down pages and pages of posts, you see that people use the forum for entries as mundane as what snack they consumed while viewing their favorite television show to typing their heart out on an electronic sleeve for the world to see.  Honestly, it’d be better to take that seriously soiled laundry to […]


The Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation: middle-aged adults caught between the obligations of raising children and taking care of aging, sometimes ill, parents.  Being a caregiver to one person can be draining, but being caregiver to many is often overwhelming, with the person in charge typically running on reserve tanks of little-to-no sleep, poor nutrition (despite feeding everyone else healthily) and not always with a strong support system in place.   In the past three days, two friends of mine have lost a […]