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CONTEST ALERT!! – Coffee-mate Natural Bliss

The folks over at Coffee-mate have a new product, Natural Bliss, that they THINK is for coffee and tea, but I am going to let you in on a little secret – you can use the stuff to make really simple, rockin’ desserts.  Some of us didn’t grow up makin’ and bakin’ (the official motto in my childhood kitchen was, “No good ever came from baking!”) – but this can help a girl look more like June Cleaver than Lucille Ball in the kitchen.  And who doesn’t love that when trying to impress dinner guests or a new beau (heart via stomach, and all that rhetoric).

This new Coffee-mate Natural Bliss is an all-natural dairy creamer made with just FOUR ingredients: milk, cream, sugar and natural flavor.  The reason this product made me squeal a little inside when I saw it was that there is no high fructose corn syrup, of which, I am not a fan.  I may not do a lot of nutritional things right (the smell of bacon, cinnamon rolls and French Roast makes me sing) but I wiped HFCS off of my family food invite list a very long time ago.

I am not really a dessert person, either but I am friends with a lot of people who are.  So, when I decided to experiment with Natural Bliss in the dessert mode, I invited my dear friend Janet (she of local baking renown, throughout much of my town) to my house.  She helped me formulate a couple of recipes to put in my repertoire during a half day of tea and conversation and playtime in my kitchen.

Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Bread & Butter Pudding

Raisin Nut Bread Loaf, sliced thin

 1/2 cup of Butter, melted

 14 oz. of Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Sweet Cream 

2 Eggs, whisked

Ground nutmeg and Cinnamon

Cooking Spray

  1. Cut the bread into thin slices and arrange on bottom of greased casserole dish (if you’re me, you save the delicious ends for toasting another day). 
  2. Drizzle butter over bread slices.
  3. Heat the Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Sweet Cream, but do not allow it to boil.  If you can’t handle this command, hand it over to someone who can (like my friend, Janet).
  4. Whisk the eggs lightly and pour the Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Sweet Cream into them, stirring all the time.  Then, pour the mixture over the bread,
  5. Sprinkle some nutmeg and cinnamon on top and let the entire dish sit for approximately 30 minutes.  [I don’t know why you do this.  But my resident expert tells me it’s necessary.]
  6. Make a mug of tea or coffee for you and your baking partner(s) (really, I’ve decided this baking thing is a job best done by committee).  Using the remaining 2 ounces of Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Sweet Cream [FYI #5 was extended by another 30 minutes, because of #6 and extensive chatting.  Be warned].
  7. Bake in the oven at 350°F for 30-40 minutes, until set and lightly browned.

I do not know how to spell the sound that came out of my mouth upon tasting this, once it was done.  Please know that it was just as delicious scalding hot as it was once it cooled down to a little more enjoyable less-than-lava-hot temps.

Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Crème Brulee

1 cup Coffee Ice Cream, melted

1 cup Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Caramel

6 Egg Yolks

  1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
  2. Heat liquids on stove over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture comes to full boil and then lower heat.
  3. Lightly beat eggs yolks in a bowl.
  4. Remove a small portion of the hot liquid (approximately ¼ cup) and slowly pour into egg yolk while continuing to stir (to prevent curdling).  VERRRRY slowly pour the remaining eggs into the hot liquid, again stirring constantly while mixture thickens on stove.
  5. Place 6 ramekins in a large baking dish.  Fill ramekins ¾ full with mixture and place into oven for 50 to 60 minutes.
  6. Once the custard has set, place ramekins on wire rack and allow to cool to room temperature for approximately 1 hour.
  7. Make a mug of tea or coffee for you and your baking partner(s) using some of the Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Caramel (it’s out on the counter, why not…).  Might I suggest a pungent cinnamon tea for this?
  8. Cover custard and refrigerate until cold, approximately 4 hours or overnight.  When ready to serve, sprinkle about 1 teaspoon of superfine sugar onto each.  Shake ramekins so the sugar coats the entire surface.  Place ramekins in COLD OVEN, then turn on the broiler.  The sugar will bubble and crystallize and maybe even blacken around the edges (don’t panic – we like this) in a few minutes. [FYI – if this step freaks you out a bit, don’t do it.  I enjoyed one of these babies straight of the fridge, topped it with whipped cream and called it Custard.]
  9. Serve.  Maybe repeating #7 for your guests.

Now, you could be all “I make my desserts from scratch!” And I totally respect that (in awe of it, really) – but since those Coffee-mate people were clever enough to combine a handful of delicious, natural ingredients to sweeten your coffee/tea/cocoa/day… have fun with it!  And then?  I want you to tell me about it, hence the CONTEST:


I invite all of you to submit your ideas on how you think Coffee-mate Natural Bliss could be used in a recipe, either food or beverage (cocktails, included).  You don’t have to submit an actual recipe, just an IDEA.  My Wednesday Team will pull 5 winning entries on October 12th for prizes that will include coupons for Coffee-mate Natural Bliss.


BTW – this was NOT a paid endorsement.  I just happen to really like this product.  And because of my enthusiasm for it, Coffee-mate was nice enough to send me Free Product coupons to share with you.  :^)


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