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Contest Time! Coffee-mate Free Flavor Friday

It is not a secret that I am a big fan of tea and coffee.  I happen to take mine with creamer, and my favorite happens to be Coffee-mate.  You should know that they do not pay me for my opinion or for sharing this information with anybody (tho’ I not-so-secretly wish they would).  I’m just a fan of their product.  But, I’m an even bigger fan of Free Stuff, and it is one of my great pleasures to share that Free Stuff with you.  So, on that note, I bring to you:

Coffee-mate’s Free Flavor Friday.  Which my Friends over at Coffee-mate tell me goes a little something like this: 

Friday, March 23, 2012 has officially been renamed Free Flavor Friday.  Coffee-mate, The Famous brand with over 25 Flavors, will be taking over Five cities to spread the Flavor love — including Boston, Chicago, New York, Seattle and San Francisco.  Coffee-mate teams will be hitting the streets polling consumers on their Favorite Flavors and distributing 125,000 Free product coupons.  There will also be a photo design contest and plenty of chances to win Fab prizes and Freebies.” 

March means a lot of things to me, but this year it will mean Free Stuff, Fab prizes and Freebies from Coffee-mate and a Tea with T. contest.  Keep reading.

Coffee-mate wants to know what Flavor my readers can’t live without and have gone so far as to create the Coffee-mate Flavor Personality Chart.  Even if you do use creamer, maybe you’re hesitant to try something new.  Or, perhaps you’re still drinking your hot beverages without creamer and you’re not sure which flavor to try.  Well, do not fret.  Coffee-mate is going to help you discover what flavor you match up with.  With February’s Valentine couples marketing blitzkrieg behind us, this is a match-made-in-heaven of a different color/flavor, SO much easier and sweeter (not to mention safer, saner and emotionally satisfying) than internet dating.  [Been there, done that.  Like the creamer better.]

Visit and  for more information about how to get matched up… 

Then, let me know what Coffee-mate flavor you DO get matched up with and what your thoughts are about that.  Even if you aren’t a creamer-in my-coffee/tea-person, I’d like to know why or what happened when and if you did try.  Drop me an email ( or Facebook post (T. Katz) and tell me how that relationship (along with any others that you wish to share) worked out.  For the First Fifteen Fans of Tea with T. that do, I have Free Stuff that I will ship out… and consumers who register with Coffee-mate on Free Flavor Friday (3/23/12) will have a Free coupon sent to them from the company. 


xo – t.


  1. Visit or 
  2. Fill out the Coffee-mate Flavor Personality Chart
  3. Post your Coffee-match Match on my Facebook Page (T. Katz)or Email (
  4. Free Stuff to Follow!



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