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3 thoughts on “Dirty Looks and Yoga

  • Dan says:

    Dirty looks and glares — how can they be interpreted? Who really knows what anyone is thinking or why? That a person does not lash out with torrents of profanity and accusation and frustration is to me a higher maturity as it demonstrates self-control. The hand gesture was a response — not a particularly great response — provoked by the teacher’s onslaught of inappropriate prodding. What is with a teacher who sinks to playground tactics (“Do you think you’re too cool for . . .?) to promote cooperation? You might expect that from a jealous classmate, but a teacher — an educator — could choose any number of other higher-ground methods to encourage participation.

  • pat says:

    She is so lucky she was not me with pre-schoolers . I had a brite idea of calming the class by beginning a yoga instruction . Legs bent foot bottoms together. A rather large 50 pd 5 yr old ran and jumped on my knee. Come to find out later it caused a pinched nerve and now I find out I have split tendon on my ankle . This has been my thorn to speak ever since . Tell everyone to beware . Ive had plenty of dirty looks , middle finger , bad words , spitting biting , hitting etc. That teacher needs to lighten up , first day should be a joy .LOL

  • Flo says:

    What I want to know, is what prompted the reluctance to participate in the first place? Seems to me, if the teacher had been able to find this out, things may not have escalated when she made an assumption about your son’s reason. Then, when you think about it, and I try to think about it a lot, what we perceive about others really reflects on ourselves. How often we forget that the people around us may have very different reasons than we imagine for wanting or not wanting to do things. And when we have fairly healthy self-esteems. it’s harder to feel slighted by those we are entrusted to nurture and teach.

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