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Healthy Habits – *Blink* = Another Year

My regularly scheduled schedule has had a couple of hiccups in the machinery and WILL (oh, I am determined) be back on track shortly.  I have to sweep up some of the dust that gathered in the autumn, in order to get everything (and everyone) back in order.

In the meantime, I share these One Minute Healthy Habits*:Hourglass

1)      Take your shoes off at the door.  Prevents outdoor pollutants from coming in and symbolically leaves the day behind your.  Good for the brain, good for the vacuum.

2)      Brush your tongue after your teeth.  A wicked goo collector, clean that puppy out.  Your teeth will be happier and anybody in close proximity will silently thank you.

3)      Sneeze into your arm.  Germs won’t get passed from your hands to other individuals and the whole “I am Dracula” pose is just a happy bonus.

4)      Add pizzazz to your water.  You know you should be drinking more water, so make it a wee bit more exciting by adding slices of citrus, kiwi, cucumber or sprig of mint.  And, no I did not use the word ‘wee’ mindlessly.  You’ll be flushing those toxins with panache.

5)      Rest your eyes.  Look away from your computer.  Use the 20-20-20 rule.  20 minutes at the computer should be followed by 20 seconds of looking at something 20 feet away.  Try not to creep out your co-workers.  Pick a different line of sight every time.  Besides, you’ll wise as you stare off into the (20 foot) distance, contemplating the universe (or why the powers-that-be picked THAT gosh-awful molding).

6)      Apply sunscreen.  One minute on the body and face erases years off your face.  So say the powers-that-be.  [They might not know molding, but they know ugly sun damage.]

7)      Microwave your kitchen sponge.  Remember that goo that collects on your tongue?  The kitchen sponge is WORSE (worse than your toilet, they tell me).  Take that wet sponge and nuke it for 30 seconds every day.  Major groove killer for germs.

8)      Slowly count to ten when your peeved.  Ten slow, deep breaths help your nervous system turn the “Fight or Flight” response to “Rest and Digest.”  In the long run, you just might be happier and anybody in close proximity will silently thank you (we’re sort of on a scrub your tongue, scrub your lungs theme here).

I wish you a very Happy New Year and Happy New You, if that’s on your list of things To Do.  At the very least, I wish you happiness and gratitude in your life (and anybody in close proximity to you).

xo – t.

*As suggested by livescience<dot>com:

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