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Little Gifts of Life

Little Roy WingsLast Thursday, I was having a pretty difficult morning (hospital visits can be tough), so I stopped off at the lobby coffee shop for liquid strength.  Standing at the cash register, I felt someone’s arms grab me by the shoulder and I thought, “I’m PRETTY sure I don’t know anybody here.”  Turning around confirmed, that a stranger had indeed grabbed me.  Poor woman started to sputter that she’d made a terrible mistake, thinking that I was someone else.  I replied, “Nope.  I’m me and you didn’t make a mistake.  I’m having a kind of crappy day and needed a hug.  So, if you’re in the business of giving those away, I’ll take one.”  Two strangers, just moments before, we embraced to the sounds of sighs from the normally jaded Starbucks customers.  It was a lovely gift.


Yesterday, I had to change the oil on my car (things were flashing and numbers were blinking – I guess that means you have to do something) and I decided to wait the hour away at IHOP.  Driving hither and thither to the hospital and then to rehearsal and home again, home again (jiggety jog) then repeating this process for the last 9 days – eating a meal without a steering wheel in front of me sounded like a mighty fine prospect.  The restaurant was mostly empty, but the host seated me directly across from a woman perusing the paper and enjoying her coffee in solitude.  I started coughing (having recently gotten over a cold/flu, but not the cough) and when she sneezed I promised her that I was actually not contagious, but thank goodness were a booth apart.  She started to tell a story about how she’d likely gotten a cold while traveling and mid-way happened to mention that she was a nurse.  I told her that I didn’t believe that I was seated across from her by accident, that I should tell her my story and ask for her advice – which I did.  She gently bowed her head and began to tell me a heartbreaking story about her own experience with end-of-life issues and the question of life support for someone you love.  It was a story that  in some ways reflected my own and from her, I gained wisdom, respect and clarity for things I had not thought of.  It was a lovely gift.


These last two weeks have been overwhelming and exhausting, as there is so much in my basket to tend to (and speaking of baskets, the laundry grows ever higher).  But, I cannot feel overwhelmed or exhausted when each and every day presents me with a different gift that I didn’t expect from people (angels?) and places (IHOP, really?!) that I never could have imagined.


This afternoon, I hope to find a few minutes of solitude, to sit with a cup of tea and re-open the many gifts I have been given.  Hopefully, I will resume my usual schedule and have time to devote to Tea with T.  Until then, I thank you… for the gift of you.  You’re one of the things keeping the kettle warm.


xo – t.

If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as the angels give.” ~ George MacDonald

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3 thoughts on “Little Gifts of Life

  • Heather mary karmonocky says:

    great blog

  • Margot Thomas says:

    You are not far from my thoughts. Since we spoke on tues I presume there is not much change with Joe. What enriching experiences you had in the hospital and in IHop..
    I pray for Betty to access the strength to allow her to deal with the reality of the situation. And of course you are in my prayers as well as is Joe.

    This too shall pass

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