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Sit a bit and hear some observational stories I’ve been steeping.

Make Hey! — while the sun shines. Even a little.

If this year is any indication, the next half century of my life is going to be VERY busy. The first half was, too — but nuthin’ like this. It’s good. I’m a big fan of making hay while the sun shines and this year, has been a whole lotta “Hey!” even on slightly cloudy days.
 Music Video Alekseev 2017
Having always been a storyteller, the writing and babbling out loud of my own stories has been fun — and this year I’m part of the team (I even play the Maternal Unit) completing one of my tales, which has been turned into a short film. Strayed is something I’m proud of, even tho’ the original story (and my heart) went through the wringer to get it made. It’s still not done… but that’s no longer in my hands. If you’re interested in what’s doin’ with it: is the place to track it.
The storytelling aspect of other people’s words went into overdrive this year. As an actress, I’ve done more than I ever did in my early years and I am grateful. Ridonkulously grateful. Even the directors who have rolled their eyes when I’ve walked onto set (seeing salt and pepper hair is akin to kryptonite to some of them) — end the project feeling good about the process. All in all, it has been a wildly productive and artistic handful of months.
As a classically trained vocalist, it was a tremendous honor to sit at a table read for one of America’s most prolific and successful female songwriters last weekend. Even if I don’t get hired for the musical filled with the songs that played as the soundtrack to my life (and possibly yours) for decades — I was thankful just to breathe the same oxygen as her, her talented writing partner, director and the other actors in the room. I’m still not positive they didn’t pump helium into the room that day (because I’m not yet walking with both feet on the floor).
Music has been a huge part of my life and where I once did session work for songwriters, publishing companies, commericals, industrials and even my own work (but Mr. Brown at RCA wouldn’t sign me, because I “…wasn’t sexy enough. How do I sell THAT?”) — I get to smile my way through four music videos this year! There’s a link to one that debuted today (with the artist Alekseev) down below. k
Day ain’t over yet. I’ve spent a life planting the seeds and all of the plants aren’t done growing. There will be time to harvest and I’ll be the first one at the table (post-baking) to slather butter on my toast — but for today (and tomorrow and the days after), I’ll just continue to make hay/hey! while the sun shines.
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