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Sit a bit and hear some observational stories I’ve been steeping.


She’s not my mom, but the mom I want to be, the mom wish I had and somehow manages to become “mom” to all who meet her. 


This woman is an active member of her community through her work with the PTA, various booster clubs and multiple local volunteer organizations.  Those that know her feels she serves as a great “mom” mentor and a heck of a role model.  Her nurturing ability extends beyond her own household to some of us grown-ups who occasionally need mothering, either in the form of chicken soup, lasagna or a stern talking to when needed.  She’s sometimes a baker and sometimes a buyer and experience has taught me there’s an awful lot of love that shows up with store-bought cookies, too.  Especially when shared over a cup of hot tea and warm conversation.


One of the most admirable things about this woman is that she knows a thing or two about hard labor, whether behind a desk, counter or changing table and her incredible work ethic reminds me that the sweat on our brow and tears in our eyes are worth every waking moment, no matter how tiring the task at hand.


I’ve decided that if the old adage is true about it taking a village to raise a child, then this woman is the exemplary chief, cook and bottle washer.  For Mother's Day, I'd love to see HER treated to a day off from those duties, given more than a moment to catch her breath, smell the roses and exhale a much-needed sigh of relief.


To the many incredible women I’ve had the great honor to be friends with, related to or acquainted with, I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!  You… are that woman.  A shining example of what “Mom” means and the inspiration that pushes me forward when I need it most.  Thank you.  May your day be filled with appreciation for all that you do as “Mom” — whether to kids, pets, parents, spouses or bosses – you, are my hero.

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