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Psssst! New Book…

My new book has been released, but I’m not shouting it from the rooftops yet.  I’m letting you know, because you’ve been kind enough to stop by to take a look at some of my other words.  And, partly too because when you climb up on a rooftop with a publicist you gotta take clams. Lots and lots of clams (aka dough/bread/cabbage/cheddar/cash).No Family Tree

The book is called “No Family Tree” and is being promoted as a chapter book for kids, but if you or anyone you know is part of a nuclear family or a family where neither blood nor law, just love, is involved – you’ll want to read this.  Or, give it as a gift for Valentine’s Day.

No Family Tree” is a story that is rooted in truth, because my kids both grew up in a household with parents who were adopted.  One parent was totally okay with it, after a lifetime of living with it – the other, not so much.  It’s not as easy as you might think to discover, at the age of 47, that you were adopted at birth.  My children have not had the traditional family tree… but I found a way to work around that.

Thank you so much for supporting the book and the message of family being family, no matter the roots from which it springs.

Much love to you in this new year!

xo – t.

No Family Tree” is now available –

In Paperback and eBook at Lulu:

As a NOOK Book at Barnes & Noble:

And… soon in both formats on Amazon (which is when I’ll fetch the ladder for the publicist).

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  • Jim says:


    Congrats on your new book. Wish you the best… may you experience a wide public enjoyment of your work. Hopefully you struck a chord in many hearts.

    All The Best


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