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Sit a bit and hear some observational stories I’ve been steeping.

Read Me.

Like Alice in Wonderland's many treats with tags that read "Eat Me" or "Drink Me" — today I invite you to lose yourself down the rabbit hole of other writers.  Through a very fun tunnel that calls itself, the Ulitmate Blog Party 2012.

Ultimate Blog Party 2012


For those of you new to Tea with T. here's a bit of info. about what you're getting into:

Tea with T. Katz was started years ago with the intention of being a place for a bit of tea and conversation served by me, someone who has been called “an absorbent observer” over the years.  I have collected a lot of stories and experience — from time spent in the music industry; television production; teaching piano; being a mom; and just being related to some of the wackiest people on the planet – and I allow all of this to brew and steep, until its ready to be served.  These tales, like the multiple varieties of tea are sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet and rarely, if ever, bitter.  You guys get to be the judge of whether what’s poured is hot, cold or downright i.c.y. (I’m a storyteller, not a saint).

What you will never get from me, is poetry.  Like Haikus.  But, just to assure you that you're not missing anything… here's one for the road: 

 Tea Haiku:

Complicated life

Cannot change a bloody thing

Tea makes all seem sane

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