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Snapshots of Happiness Contest

img-snapshots-fb-postIf you could capture happiness in one single image, what would it look like?  With the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like, we seem to like to express ourselves an awful lot with pictures this century.  So what one image is worth a thousand words of happiness to you?

The sweet folks over at Oregon Chai are running a contest and have asked me to tell you about it.  Now, before you get upset thinking I get money for what I do (I don’t.  I write for joy* and as my form of therapy), this post is not a PAID, nor blog-for-product, article.  I just happen to like tea.  The folks over at Oregon Chai are fans of Tea with T.  So, relax.  It’s all good.  And good for you (good for your happiness-meter, at any rate).

Between now and May 15th, Oregon Chai will pick twenty lucky winners to receive a gift valued at $50 and all you have to do is submit a photo that you think best captures happiness.  You choose your image and then post it through the Oregon Chai Facebook app, through Twitter or Instagram using #CaptureHappiness.  EVERYone who enters  their moment will get a $1 off coupon.  That makes me happy, just thinking about it.

I raise my very full mug of Wednesday Afternoon/Evening Chai to you and wish you luck!  [And much happiness.]

xo – t.

*Which typically runs between 800-1500 words for me.  Inspired by the Oregon Chai people, I added a photo, too.

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.” ~ Eudora Welty

Happiness depends on ourselves.” ~ Aristotle

T joyous 2013

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