Abuse Molds You

Abuse molds a person, whether by actual hands of aggression or by words. Patrick Stewart recently came out to talk about the abuse he was subjected to as a child and I’ve never wanted to hug a stranger (which I often do) so much in my life. What particularly affected me was his take on the flip comments made by others about the abuse, about what triggered it. As if it were justifiable if someone asked for it. One of […]


Check and Balances (How to survive the circus)

Circus copy

“How is it, you’re not… insane?”  Every time that question is asked of me (and yes, I’ve heard it an awful lot), my answer is that I actually am a bit mad, in the best hatter-type sense and I’ve lived with just enough tea and sensibility to keep me upright and not terribly off-kilter.  It’s a matter of checks and balances that have kept me from falling off the tightrope of sanity. You see, the three ring circus that has […]