Earth Day.

April 22nd is Earth Day, a day set aside out of 365, to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.  There are celebrations around the world to honor the planet and some communities take the entire week to pay tribute and educate folks how to take care of the old gal.  Earth Day started back in 1970, which means that it turns 40.  Wow.  40 years old.  A tough time in anyone’s life (unless you’re Jennifer Lopez, I hear). […]


Summer is in the air —

Summer is in the air

Which means that soon, kids will be in my hair!  Whoohoo!!  Not that I’m really complaining.   I actually truly enjoy the first bouncy, trouncy days when those school doors fling open and the kids are finally out for summer — because the kids are excited about sleeping in (so am I, truth be told) and riding scooters and bikes waaaay past the normal bedtime hours.  Then, somewhere around the sixth or seventh business day of no true structure, everyone starts to fray […]