Not dead yet.


An awful (and I do mean awful) lot of my head space is filled with the voice of the great patriarch in my life saying things like, “It is such a shame you didn’t do anything with your life, when you were younger.” And, “What a loss, that you didn’t do more with your life.” Those phrases started when I was 24 years old. I have to tell you, it has been pretty demoralizing to have to live with the […]


Check and Balances (How to survive the circus)

Circus copy

“How is it, you’re not… insane?”  Every time that question is asked of me (and yes, I’ve heard it an awful lot), my answer is that I actually am a bit mad, in the best hatter-type sense and I’ve lived with just enough tea and sensibility to keep me upright and not terribly off-kilter.  It’s a matter of checks and balances that have kept me from falling off the tightrope of sanity. You see, the three ring circus that has […]


Blame / Psychological Projection: Or…“Excuse me, does your opinion make my butt look big?”

The other night I watched a woman trip over her own two feet, then turn to what I assume was her beleaguered boyfriend (know that I only questioned the boyfriend part) and loudly blamed him for her misstep.  J’accuse!  He weakly smiled and said, “Oh, I’m sorry.”  Poor Sir Schmoe, you do know it wasn’t your fault?  I’m sure he thinks it was noble of him to take the blame, but I wanted to sidle up and tell him it […]