But, I don’t hate YOU…

Because I cry.

There is a soft pink emotional underbelly to me that I don’t usually show to complete strangers.  However, it has been seen on more than one occasion by those who know me.  My family has seen it.  My colleagues have seen it.  Folks who have stood still long enough to chat about my children, relationships or autism have seen it — but, not complete and total strangers, as a rule.  Strangers come and go so quickly that there isn’t much […]


Driving in SoCal. Enough to make you flipping angry.

To the lady who rode my bumper, screaming and gesturing for me to “hurry up” (at least, that’s what I think she said) the last 25 feet to the red light — I wrote down your license plate number and what I consider to be a pretty accurate description of you (although I’m sure your eyes are probably blue or green and not the molten hot lava red you displayed this morning).  But, don’t worry.  I’m not turning you in […]