Story Road

The stories I tell come from a place where I never thought good things would grow

Above all else, telling stories is what I like to do best. When I was a kid, the stories I told totally bent the truth more than I should have, because I wanted to be liked and the life I was living and the people I was living with weren’t very likeable.  To be honest (something I came to fiercely embrace before I was old enough to vote, thank goodness), if I’d told the truth between the ages of, well… […]


Storytellers Tell Stories

It’s a simple truth: storytellers tell stories.  However, storytellers sometimes forget that they’re not supposed to tell some of the stories they’ve been told.  Other times they may or may not have had an adult beverage then completely lose sight of the fact that they need to change (or omit) some names they’ve been told, to protect the infamous.  Insolent.  I mean, innocent. [Or, maybe all of the above.] I am a Storyteller.  And I will not, for one second, […]