Story Road

The stories I tell come from a place where I never thought good things would grow

Above all else, telling stories is what I like to do best. When I was a kid, the stories I told totally bent the truth more than I should have, because I wanted to be liked and the life I was living and the people I was living with weren’t very likeable.  To be honest (something I came to fiercely embrace before I was old enough to vote, thank goodness), if I’d told the truth between the ages of, well… […]


Liar, Liar.

When I was a kid I told another kid that I was a twin.  It was a lie of epic proportion that fell out of my face before my brain had a chance to realize what I was doing, and my heart… didn’t have a clue.  Over the years, I felt badly about the lie, but at the time it was a powerful drug that propelled me forward.  It was a kind of confidence amphetamine, it was.   The lie […]