Dear Evil Loan Company: I’ve created a Voodoo doll


Dear Evil Loan Company: When I first embarked upon the journey of securing a mortgage with your company, it was for good reasons. My experience with you has now left me questioning why bad people happen to good reasons. It was an exciting day, when you looked at credit scores in the 800’s and announced that pre-approval for a pretty-penny wasn’t going to be any trouble at all. Papers were signed and trust was handed over to you as you […]



In a book that contains some pretty great wisdom, there is a passage that says that three things will last forever: faith, hope and love.  And of the three, the greatest is love.  I think that the reasoning behind this, is because with love the other two are much easier to locate and sustain.  It isn’t that difficult to find people who have faith and/or hope and yet seem to have very little love in their hearts.  But it has […]