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The stuff of life.

The staff of life, so, goes the quote about bread.  Meaning bread is one of those necessary, dietary mainstays.  Tonight, I was served some of the most delicious bread pudding I’ve ever had and all I could think was, “Hmmm.  Bread pudding.  Well, that’s what they ought to serve to evil people with no promise of paradise, so they can feel guilty about their wicked lives.”  That right there friend, is some necessary bread, in my opinion.


But, I happen to be someone who truly loves food.  So, maybe I’m a little twisted about how important it might actually be.  Sure, I’ve consumed meals just to get out the door, away from the table or as far and as quickly as possible from my dining companion/s (provide me with the right Prosecco or Shiraz and I just might name names) – but, for the most part, food is really great part of my every day.  It’s not that I’m one of those magic kitchen kittens either, who sit down and plan out menus and shopping lists (oh, and I love and am slightly envious of those of you who do).  I love to cook, but there are times when my countertop mixer often mystifies me to the point of stupification (Mix? Fold? Beat? Fluff? Wha…?), and my classic red and white Better Homes & Gardens cookbook (now in its 14th edition, though mine is the 5th) has a well-worn, dog-eared page that reminds me again (and again) how to cook eggs.  Soft or hard boiled?  Coddled?  Shirred?  Poached?  Who can remember?   No, for me the point is, if food makes it to the plate – I must celebrate.


Even with all of the amazing food choices out there, though I gotta say: Bread rules!  For versatility alone, you have to appreciate what the seemingly lowly food form can do.  You can serve it for breakfast in multiple modes (toast, French or otherwise); serve a bit with some cheese as a mid-day or evening snack; slice it up and hide some stuff inside and call it a sandwich (hero, hoagie, club, sub, panini, etc. – it is a terribly long list); put it on a cute little plate on your left side to accompany what’s for dinner; maybe even whip up (Beat? Fold? Mix?) some heavenly bread pudding to finish off the day.


Yes, bread surely is the staff of life – with the potential to fill your belly, but with a little imagination and maybe even a good recipe from my heroes over at Better Homes and Gardens, it can be the stuff of life…


Bread Pudding Recipe



"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread." — Mother Teresa

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