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Sit a bit and hear some observational stories I’ve been steeping.

Well, thank goodness THAT didn’t happen.

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us and while I walk through the grocery store watching my fellow Americans scramble like wild turkeys for pie crusts and hostess gifts (might I suggest the Martinelli’s sparkling cider?  Just as good at the adult table, as it is at the kids’ table), I stand silently in line and to pass the time (and keep my blood pressure down) I think about all that I’m thankful for.  Somewhere between the woman who might require the Petawatt laser light to locate lost coupons in her cavernous purse and the man who leaves the long line (three times) to fetch nutmeg, sage and deodorant, I’m reminded of an Oscar Wilde quote: “If you don't get everything you want, think of the things you don't get that you don't want.”

Hmm.  Well, there’s a different spin on the holiday sentiment… a big, fat thank goodness THAT didn’t happen.  Yes.  I believe I’m going to entertain myself by making a list and checking it twice to remind myself of all the crap that I didn’t get this year.  THAT will make me feel better about what did.  Brilliant, no?

I’ll go backwards through my paper memory/datebook to remind me…

Didn’t get stitches after getting whacked in the head with a 12 gauge prop shotgun during opening night of “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”  Really.  Getting stitches would’ve made that whole experience worse.  As it was?  Not all that bad. 

Didn’t get nearly the amount of fun-size candy bars in my children’s Halloween treat bags, not like in the past, many pant sizes ago.  Thank goodness, we went from fun-size to downsize with this economy.

Didn’t get talked out of one of the most important decisions of my adult life.  Also didn’t get the nagging regret from said decision afterwards.  Yay, me!

Didn’t get all freaked out the first time my daughter drove on four major freeways for a two-hour trip to spend the weekend with a couple of friends.  She took her baby steps nearly two decades ago, now it is Mommy’s turn.

Didn’t get picked as a juror and actually enjoyed the days in the holding pen reading to my heart’s content with no distractions or interruptions.  Honestly, I’d be pleased and proud to do my civic duty.  Just, later.  When my autistic son’s well-being isn’t jeopardized, by mom being 35 miles away for who knows how long.

Didn’t get the flood of tears I was expecting during my daughter’s high school graduation ceremony.  The idea of the bigger adventure she was about to embark on overwhelmed any feelings of melancholy I might have had.

Didn’t get to attend the funeral of my longtime employer who passed away.  He may have been the world’s nuttiest boss, but he was also a road scholar and colorful gentleman who asked that no services be held, just that he be remembered when others gathered by a glass raised in his name.  Here’s to you, Peter E. Keefe – trying to describe you (in one sitting) is, as you would say, “Harder than trying to nail Jello to a tree”.

Didn’t get to try the deep-fried Oreos when in Austin, TX but enjoyed just about every other delight that the city had to offer.  Best of all, was the wonderful company of our guides on that magical, mystery tour.

Didn’t get the meaning of the rather large pig caricature that I drew in my datebook for the month of March.  Maybe I should be grateful that I don’t remember why.

Didn’t get an explanation for what made the family cat sick or the mysterious reason for her recovery… but I was taught at an early age not to look a gift cat in the mouth.  Happy you’re still with us, Miss Alice.

Didn’t get the car I wanted after mine was totaled in a pretty gnarly accident, but was glad that it didn’t “total” me.  So, a debt of gratitude to the old car that took the big hit.   Went and got another one just like it.  Just in case.

Yup.  I’m going to enjoy my turkey dinner this year, being thankful for all the things I didn’t get.  No, you can’t always get what you want.  But you just might find, you get what you need… by not getting what you don’t want.

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