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Wild Garlic Soup

It’s a late Wednesday “Tea with Tea” recipe that I share with you tonight!

Maybe it’s the cooler autumnal nights – maybe it’s because I keep flipping calendar pages over to October, no matter what motivated the thought … I want soup.  But, not just any old soup.  I found a recipe labeled “Wild Garlic Soup” a while back and haven’t had a chance to try it.  So, on the brink of October I thought: Hmmm.  Anti-viral, Anti-Vampire.  Win-Win.

Gpa MunsterHere ’tis —


1 White Onion, peeled and chopped roughly – which I assume means chunky.  I can’t imagine getting rough with an onion.  They make us all crying wimps.

1 Leek, washed and chopped – they give no indicators as to how they want this chopped.  I would imagine you’ll treat it with the same roughness as the onion.

125ml white wine – I had to look this up.  125ml is roughly (such a violent recipe) half a cup.

2 sticks of Celery, washed and chopped. – You’re on your own here as to how to treat the celery.

Approximately 2 large handfuls of Wild Garlic – I have no idea where to find Wild Garlic.  I’m  probably going to just purchase the tame garlic from the grocery store.  Hopefully, it isn’t so tame that it can’t handle the rowdiness of the other vegetables brought along for the rough ride.

2 pints of Chicken or Vegetable stock – try to get the free range kind.  It fits the rebellious nature of the recipe.

Salt and pepper if necessary. – Roll out the black & white units if things get out of hand.  I get it.

Vegetable oil for frying ingredients.


Simply fry the onion until soft in a pan with the vegetable oil.  [Not so rough now, are ya?!]

Add the celery and leek and continue to cook until soft.{Pansies, all of ya.]

Add the wine and reduce by half. [Whatever half of 125ml is.]

Add the wild garlic and cook down briefly. Add the stock and bring to the boil and when the wild garlic is soft [they’re all going down now!].

Ad the other [much wimpier now, by earlier standards] ingredients and simply blend in a food processor until smooth. [That’s right.  Beat ’em when they’re down.]

Then pass this through a sieve to make a smooth soup, correct the seasoning and serve. Wild, yet manageable.

Serves 4



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